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3rd DECEMBER 2018

With so much happening it has been a time of an inability to update or further our website for a while now but AVRS, and the associated Limited Companies under the AVR Group banner, have been very busy indeed. We have managed to stay stable and afloat in a new charity shop in Ammanford town centre, 11 Quay St to be exact, for over 4 months to the date of this article. And that was not without a large effort for a different shop beforehand that didn't get underway unfortunately. We had to move our stock a great deal but the new shop has been thoroughly worth it. Not only has the shop been successful in keeping the charity that is the Amman Valley Railway Society [registered charity in England & Wales No. 1119598] afloat over a more long term basis, with the awareness raised through members of the public, and in enhancing our links with businesses of relevance to the project of Swansea9Lines® [See the article: More Information on AVRail]. All this would not have been possible without the extremely important revenue of the shop, that relies upon donated goods. The AVRS President (Capt) Mike Smith has been a real leader to the rest of the team in putting the workload in to keep the shop open alongside Joseph O'Shea (Web Author), a lifelong volunteer for over 12 years with a recognised certificate at this years Volunteer's Week in the Arts, Culture and Heritage Award Category for his efforts in charity shop management and works with IT and websites. Other volunteers have been paramount with Board members helping also. It's definitely been a very busy time with much progress achieved and we are closer to a new transport system now. We hope to bring you more updates when we can - 'diolch yn fawr ac Nadolig LLawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi'!


The charity shop interior during a very successful time afloat, photograph taken 16 November 2018

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