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Please follow this link if you wish to know more, the Facebook* page of the Amman Valley Railway Society and its new eco-tram network project/concept can be found here:
(Please note:*new web domain with website in early stages of creation - we'll keep you posted as to any updates)

Amman Valley Railway Society Facebook Page

About the Web Author

As a volunteer for this charity for over a decade now I have progressed from when I started towards IT projects this website being one of them.
I hope that you find this site both informative and enjoyable to browse, I have enjoyed creating it!

Thank you once again for your valued appreciation!

N.b. I have been a volunteer for this charity for over a decade now having previously volunteered with another more well known charity and also for a trust beforehand, for far lesser lengths of time, and learned the understanding of Multi Media & Web Design studying a part time foundation degree level course with the Department of Adult Continuing Education at Swansea University, U.K. This website was a task given to me by the CEO and the then board members (some years ago now) in the hope of adding to the initial website tasked, that of the new project of Swansea9Lines(R). This project was thought of out of the results of a pre-feasibility study on the Amman Valley's demographic, or in other words its population count, in which CEO Mike Smith concluded this very same population would definitely not sustain a passenger service operating on the old Tairgwaith to Pantyffynnon stretch of track (some 7 miles ascending the Amman Valley). With pre-existing plans to cover further up this same valley to Brynamman in place even considered this finding remained the same. So attention turned to a larger picture and the idea of creating, via the Heart of Wales Line to Swansea, the Amman Valley Loop. This would circle the entire area with an ultra light eco-tram engineered railway network, as it was hoped that disused routes up the surrounding valley of the Clydach river to and from the town of Pontardawe could be relayed with track, and a loop transport system would be then created. With the possible connection to Swansea then realised via Moriston station, just north of this city, this overall concept was thought up and plans detailed.

*Please note that some content such as addresses or contact information may change over time, thank you for your time.

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