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The Amman Valley Railway Society, otherwise AVRS, Amman Valley Railway Group, or AVRail, is at present pushing forward with the Swansea 9 Lines project. Starting as a cause for a railway stretch from the head of the Amman Valley to the lower end of this same valley (some 7 miles) in 1992, the society has moved on in the last few years with the supported vision by its leading Board members and Chief Executive Officer to create Swansea 9 Lines (since 2011). This eco-tram enhancement will, if successful, internally connect once again the Swansea Valleys area of South Wales, and also create an addition to the Network Infrastructure of the United Kingdom as a whole. In fact it is a green minded project with the environment being extremely important in its aims. The Swansea 9 Lines network system will use ultra-light carbon footprint eco-trams and is aimed largely with reducing congestion and hence CO2 emissions. The other aims include the establishment of a solid connection between the separate areas in the Swansea Valleys area, to which the Amman Valley is to the North of this region, but also in contributing to tourism in the area (the area has some significant beauty and to the North West of this Valley system lies the breathtaking Brecon Beacons National Park). Added to this the better connection to this area with the wider National community, and vice versa, it is hoped that this project is both a good idea in the making but also is of realistic vision too!


A more detailed map of the swansea9lines layout


The location of swansea9lines

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